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A global provider of mental health services based in Miami, FL

We provide a supportive, safe space for individuals, families, couples, and organizations to receive counseling and support services that address mental health and wellness.  At BGB Counseling Services, we encourage everyone to #justBE open to the process.

Adinkra symbol for Akwaaba, which means welcome.

Adinkra symbol for Akwaaba, which means welcome.

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Belinda Gordon-Battle,
M.Ed., M.S., LMHC

Clinical Therapist/Life Consultant

About Me

PEACE AND BLESSINGS!  I'm Belinda Gordon-Battle, M.Ed., M.S., LMHC.  In my 25+ years of work in the field of mental health, my clients and colleagues have begun to call me BGB. When they call, I answer! 

As an advocate of “removing the stigma” and normalizing the therapeutic process, BGB Counseling Services, LLC incorporates cultural relevance and non-traditional interventions and strategies to strengthen steps towards goals of physical, emotional, social and mental wellness.

I encourage you to #justBE open to the process and #trytherapy! 

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BGB Counseling Services, LLC provides these clinical support services to meet the mental health needs of individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

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Individual Counseling

BGB Counseling Services provides a safe space for individuals to explore issues that interfere with their mental, emotional, behavioral and social well-being. The therapeutic relationship that develops between the individual and the therapist creates an environment of healing and transformation. #justBE open to the process and #trytherapy.

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Family Counseling

BGB Counseling Services provides a safe space for family members to convene and be supported by a professional therapist that is objective and prepared to improve strategies for conflict management and communication within the family. #trytherapy

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Professional/Organization Consultations

BGB Counseling Services provides workshops and team support for members of professional organizations.  The relationship among co-workers has a direct effect on productivity in the workplace. #trytherapy to help your team improve relationships, communications, self-care and, productivity.  

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Life Consultant

BGB Counseling Services provides an opportunity for consistent connection with a clinician to support movement towards identified, obtainable life goals.  Athletes, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the midst of life changes often take advantage of life consulting services. #trytherapy


The Educator's Corner

BGB Counseling Services takes great care to provide direct services and support to educators. Educators/Employees of schools on all levels often neglect their needs. BGB Counseling has worked to understand the demands of educators and to provide emotional, social and mental health support.  BGB Counseling Services is here to meet the unique needs of new and seasoned educators. USE your EAP, #trytherapy.

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